Team Members

People behind Lakhoos Exchange

Mr. Rajendra Ved


Mr. Abdulrazaq is working since 2004 who has a multi-talented professional in all kind administrative support. He is a strong communicator, analytical, knowledgeable and well organized with a proactive attitude in the company.

Mr. Abdul Razaq


Eman Habib has an experienced compliance officer with reporting, training to staff, investigating transactions and other compliances to the exchange related matters.

Mrs. Eman Habib

Compliance Officer

Sebi Joseph has more than two decades of vast experience which will meet the complete solution of Information technology in the company.

Mr. Sebi Joseph P

IT Support

James Sebastian has two decades of vast experience in the operational activities of the company.

Mr. James Sebastian

Operation In Charge

Zulfiqar Ali is the Compliance Officer of Lakhoos Exchange Oman, and the designated Money Laundering Reporting Officer. He holds a Master of Commerce from University of Peshawar KPK and Certified Anti Money Laundering Reporting Officer (CAMLRO). He has over 11 years of experience in the financial industry.

Mr. Zulfiqar Ali

Compliance Officer

Nandakumaran- Accountant has More than 15 years of experience in accounts department. He manages all the functions of Accounts & Finance of company.

Mr. Nandakumaran


18 years’ experience in financials, sales, services & Operations, 3 years’ experience in commodities and retail sales

Mrs. Simana Santhan

Head of Operations

Abhay Anjaria – Chief Accountant has More than two decades of experience in Financial Reporting, Budgeting and MIS. He manages all the functions of Accounts & Finance of company.

Mr. Abhay Anjaria

Finance In Charge

Jignesh Patel dynamic professional with experience of marketing related to the promotional activities and sales ideas to the Money exchange products.

Mr. Jignesh Patel

Remittance In charge